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“ She sobbed We Live Together –. I removed my left hand from her tit and slid it down to her arse hooking my thumb over the waistband of her jeans and tugged at them in a vain attempt to push them down
Busty Canela Skin rides on Nacho Vidal (6 min) 1

Hot Women Fucking Busty Canela Skin rides on Nacho Vidal (6 min)

I led Amy to my bedroom by this moment i was so banging horny i needed to speed things up i just went straight out

and said “can i make out with you?” she never said a word but she never turned away either i went up towards her

lightly gripping the edges of her body and began weirdly making out with Amy ive never properly made out with a

girl before so i was pretty shit at it , i leaned forward into Amy kissing her deeper until we were lying down together

attempting a proper make out sesh while feeling each other up i suggested we get naked so we took turns taking

each others clothes of she was obviously shy so she took no time hiding her body under the covers she was still

nervous so me being the kinky sort i suggested we play truth or dare i know it was childish but it always moves

things forward the first dare was for Amy to give me oral sex she darted under the covers between my legs and

and took my cock in her mouth for a first blowjob she was doing quite well she was bobbing her head up and

down like a porn star this went on for about 10 minutes i could feel myself getting ready to cum next minute

i shot a few drops in her mouth she didint move at all i just asked her if shes ok all i could hear was muffles

as my cum was still her mouth we did talk in the past about where she wanted me to cum and that was in her

mouth but swallowing or spitting was a different question , she returned next to me i asked her where she put

the cum ''i swallowed it” Amy replied with pride i guess thats one thing of my bucket list cumming in a girls mouth,

Me and Amy laid together for a bit just holding each other naked i knew i had to wait for myself to be ready to cum

again but that didint stop me from providing Amy what she provided me i kissed my way from her lips down her her

neck along her chest over her boobs taking extra time on her soft nipples then making my way along her stomach

to her freshly shaved pussy i darted my tongue straight inside her , her pussy tasted a lot different compared to

the first girl i tasted , Amy tasted a lot sweeter later i realised i prefer a more savoury taste to sweet but that didint

meant it tasted bad it was good i must of spent 20 minutes licking her pussy while i was doing this i could feel

myself getting harder and i knew Amy was getting more horny we both knew it was time for the main event

i asked Amy if she brought a condom she reached into her bra on the floor and pulled out a condom

i rolled it over my cock and attempted to penetrate her this time i couldn't even get the tip in like the last girl we

tried heaps of positions but still wasn't able to slide inside her Amy soon gave up and her romantic side kicked in

and went back to cuddling in bed i didint wanna get to romance because i didint want this poor girl to fall in love

with me so i made an excuse saying i was hungry so we could go into the kitchen but she was still

cuddling me and i was still horny as bang i began to jerk myself of and with my other hand i made

my way into Amy's pants sliding my finger inside her , here we were standing in the middle of the

kitchen masturbating each other Amy stopped us and knelt down and took my cock in her mouth

ready to suck my cock again but in this position it took longer for me to cum i get very impatient

when i need to cum so i instructed her to open her mouth and i will jerk of in her mouth witch she

agreed apon i jerked the way i liked it and moved the head of my cock at the entrance of her mouth

and sprayed load after load into her mouth this was a way bigger load than the first one maybe to

much for her to handle she just looked at me and pointed to the sink at first i was confused but then

i realised she wanted to spit it out in the sink so sadly i didint get her to swallow that big load but

there is always next time https://sexmoives.vip/4729/.

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She didn't notice it, as I had slipped behind her both so she could lead the way and for eye candy, carrying on as normal, sexmoives.vip.
“Lunch time,” she said with a smile, patting me on the back before ushering me into the kitchen, which followed the same decorating scheme as the living room had, though at least some of the appliances seemed to match, maybe hand-me-downs from parents

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