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“God, I needed this,” Ellie said to her husband Brad, “there's just something about a whirlpool bath that just eases all the tension right out of you!!!” “Mmmmmm, yeah,” he replied while the swirling hot water wafted over his body, “we should come here more often, but it just seems like we're always so damn busy!!!” Ellie was just about to answer him, when they were interrupted by a naked young man of about nineteen who asked, “Would either of you care for a drink!?!” “Uhhhhh, I think I'll have a glass of wine,” Ellie replied while staring at the young man's erection, “how about you honey!?!” “Just bring me a club soda and a twist of lime,” he replied while chuckling at his wife's obvious interest in the young man's attributes!!!” “Such big eyes you have,” he said kiddingly!!! “Well I never,” she retorted, “did you see the size of his cock, I don't know where they find these guys, but they're all hung like a horse!!!” “And I thought you came here to relax,” he said jokingly, “but from the looks of things you're not in the relaxing mood!!! “Later on, Brian asked, “Are you still going to take a sauna, I think I'm going to go to the weight room and do a few quick sets!!!” “Good idea,” Ellie replied while stepping out of the spa, “while you're doing that, I can get a massage!!!” While they were walking through the workout room, Brian commented, “I just love seeing all these naked people, and from the looks of things almost everyone else does too!!!” Just about every man in the place had an erection, whether he was one of the staff or a member, it made no difference, most everyone had a hard penis, which of course all of the women just adored!!! “Me too,” Ellie replied, “and some of these peckers are really large, I think all of the women must be just dripping!!!” “Well I know one thing,” Brian replied, “I really like showing mine off!!!” Ellie reached over and playfully jerked her husband's cock a few times and said, “With a dick as big as yours it's no wonder, every woman who sees wants to suck you off!!!” “You're just saying that to make me feel good,” he said in good humor, “because I have a feeling you want to blow one of the towel boys!!!” “Who, me,” she said with mock indignation, “what ever gave you the idea I would want to suck a young eight inch cock!?!” “Oh, I don't know,” he replied, “maybe it was the way you cupped your boobs when our waiter stuck his pecker in your face!!!” “Hmmmmm,” she hummed, “that might have had something to do with it!!!” When they reached the weight room door, Ellie kissed her hubby on the cheek and left him to go to the sauna

“What's your name, son,” Ellie asked while climbing up onto the massage table!?! “Billy, ma'am,” he replied softly, “would you like a rub down during your sauna?!?” “Mmmmmm, that would be wonderful,” she answered huskily while staring at the young man's hard penis, “you can start with may ass!!!” “Yes, ma'am,” he replied while squirting some oil onto her firm bottom, “would madam also like her vagina taken care of today!?!” As his hands worked their way into the crack of her ass, she gave out a little moan and gasped, “Oh my yes, my pussy is literally dripping, and if you could, would you please use your mouth on me, I could really use a good sucking!!!” “Very good, ma'am,” he said softly, “I would be happy to orally satisfy you!!!” Ellie relaxed on her tummy with her legs spread wide apart, making it easier for Billy to have access to her puffy pussy lips!!! “After kneading her ass and probing her pussy, he asked softly, “Ma'am, “may I make an observation!?!” “Of course, Billy,” she replied dreamily, “go right ahead!!!” “You have one of the plumpest vaginas I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, and it's a privilege just looking at it!!!” While his fingers continued probing her, Ellie sighed and then said, “Why thank you, Billy, that's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, “but I think I'm ready for your mouth, so why don't I turn over!?!”

God she loved being eaten, and this lad had a tongue that just naturally gravitated to her erect clit!!! “Oh, Billy,” she moaned softly, “you do that so well, mmmmmm, yes, suck mama off like a good boy should!!!” Spreading her legs for a man, whether it be for his mouth or his cock was the one thing in life Ellie loved the most, and having a very eager young man tonguing her was even more exciting, so as his tongue flicked over her erected clitoris, she panted, “Please let me suck you for a while, I just love a big hard pecker in my mouth!!!” Much to her delight, he quickly mounted her in reverse, and lowered his big dick to her lips while dropping his head to her cunt in the classic sixty nine position!!! “You have a beautiful cock, Billy,” she whispered hoarsely, “how long is it!?!” “About eight inches, ma'am,” he said between licks on her clit, “I'm glad you like it!!!” The next sound that filled the room was a long deep groan from Billy as his pecker was inhaled by the hot mouthed cock sucker!!! There is something about having someone else's genitals in your mouth when you yourself are getting sucked off, as every sensation seems to be heightened as you try to return pleasure for pleasure to your suck mate, so Ellie couldn't believe the intensity she felt while Billy tongue fucked her pussy and she sucked his big fat dick, it was more than incredible!!!

The rule of the club was that members are always satisfied first, but Ellie was such an expert cock sucker that it apparent that Billy would not be able to hold his nut before she had a chance to get off!!! “Oh, god,” he panted into her pussy, “I-I'm sorry, but I can't hold back, I-I'm cumming,” and with one hard spasm of his dick, Billy spewed load after load of hot sperm into Ellie's sucking mouth, which of course she swallowed down greedily!!! The explosion of cum in her mouth and the insistent pressure from his tongue had brought her perilously close to orgasm, and in a stammering voice she begged him, “Get up and show me your pecker, I wanna see you jerk it for me!!!” On rubbery legs, the young man stood in front of Ellie and slowly began fisting his eight inch wonder!!! Still lying on the table, Ellie buried three fingers into her pussy and furiously frigged her hard little clit while watching Billy calmly fisting his now hard meat!!! “You have a beautiful body, Ma'am,” he whispered, “but I especially love your fat pussy!!!” “Oh my” she gasped, “did you like sucking me!?!” “Mmmmm, yes,” he moaned, “you have a very sweet vagina that made me shoot into your mouth!!!” “Y-you're so fucking huge,” she gasped, “h-how old are you!?!” “I'm eighteen, ma'am, I'm pretty big for my age,” he replied softly!!! “Sweet jesus in heaven,” she said with a groan, “you're only eighteen and you're hung like a fucking horse, I'll bet all the women love sucking you off don't they!?!” “Yes, ma'am,” he replied, “and some of the men love sucking me too, they just love having me in their mouths when I shoot!!!” “How many times a day do you usually cum,” she asked while furiously frigging her hard clit!?!” “Mmmmmm, about seven or eight,” he replied, “it depends on the day, you know, how many want me and all that!!!” “Do you ever fuck any of the female towel girls,” she asked, “some of them are very cute!?!” “Oh yeah,” he replied while still fisting his big pecker, “sometimes we put a show on for some of the members, they wanna see one of the tinier girls getting really poled hard!!!” “I'm really close,” she gasped, “are you, Billy!?!” “Getting there quick,” he said softly, “would you like me to shoot it on your face!?!” “Oh yes,” she panted, “on my face, that's a wonderful idea, please, do it for me now, I wanna cum when you shoot it on me!!!”

She was on fucking fire, and having Billy's massive cock just inches away from her face was an unbelievable turn on!!! His hand was an absolute blur on his shaft as he pumped it as hard and fast as she'd ever seen a man doing it!!! “Do you love hot cum,” he whispered, “you seem like you're a real sperm sucker!?!” Jesus you have a naughty mouth,” she gasped, “do you always use such language around women!?!” “Just when I'm about to give them a hot sperm shooter,” he replied, “and here it fucking cums, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Even though he had cum just ten minutes earlier, the young hung stud spewed a torrent of burning directly into Ellie's open mouth as well as all over her cheeks and chin!!! The first blast was almost like a switch being thrown, because at the second of impact, her pussy convulsed hard three or four times really hard, as a brutal cunt wrenching orgasm roared through her pussy like a freight train speeding out of control down the tracks!!! As much and as often as she had sex, which was quite frequently, her orgasm was just about as satisfying as any she could remember, it had been just devastating!!! Now covered with sweat and cum, Ellie let Billy lead her by the hand to the shower where he gave her a good scrubbing down with a soap drenched wash cloth!!! “Was it good for you, ma'am,” he asked while rinsing her off!?! “God, yes,” she answered while washing his big pecker, I'm totally wrecked!!!”

Back at her locker, Ellie was in the process of dressing when Brian showed up and asked, “How was your sauna, feeling better now!?!” Glancing down and seeing that his pecker was bright red from either a long hard fuck, a suck, or a jerk off she replied with a knowing smile, “Just about as good as your work out baby, just about as good!!!”

THE END YellowPlum – Indian.
AV 69 - Risa Mizuki severe sex with her step son  - More at 69avs com (12 min) 1

Wild AV 69 – Risa Mizuki severe sex with her step son – More at 69avs com (12 min)

Vash looked over at his now sleeping sister and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she is, Vash drove as fast as his car would take him down the highway as a figure appeared in the headlights and was crushed by Vash’s car https://sexmoives.vip/17090/.

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Gay Hairy AV 69 – Risa Mizuki severe sex with her step son – More at 69avs com (12 min) Anal Licking

“How do you think he'll like this one,” Jenna asked while leaning over and giving her big tits a little shake while settling them gently into her low cut bra!?! “Good grief, Jen,” Holly replied, “do you wanna just turn him on or give him a heart attack!?!” Jenna looked at her reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door and replied with a giggle, “I haven't decided yet, can't you just picture the headlines in the paper, “Man Dies From Too Much Tit”, now that would sell some papers!!!” The two eighteen year olds roared with laughter at the prospect of Jenna' s boyfriend actually passing out at the mere sight of seeing her 36DD's filling the low cut pink bra, but Holly was thinking to herself that it was more than just possibility!!! “Toss me the while one,” Jenna asked while slipping out of the pink one, “do you think I'm getting fat, my butt seems a little bigger than ususal!?!” “Oh, please,” Holly quickly shot back, “you're perfect and you know it!!!” “I wouldn't say that,” Jenna replied while hooking the catches on her next bra, “but as long as Jeff thinks so, that's all tha really matters!!!”
It almost seemed odd that Holly and Jenna were best friends, because to look at them you couldn't find two more incogruous looking women!!! While Jenna was tall and blonde with an incredibly voluptuous body, Holly was barely five feet tall and skinny as the proverbial rail, but ever since seventh grade they had been nearly inseparatable and like girl pals are wont to do, they told each other everything!!! “So tell me,” Holly asked while her friend continued modeling her lingerie, “is Jeff as good in bed as he looks!?!” “Uh huh,” Jenna replied a little absent mindedly, “he's better than most I guess, but he still gets off a little too quickly, but I'm working with him on that!!!” “Like how,” Holly asked!?! “Well, he comes really quick the first time,” Jenna explained, “so instead of having him do it in my pussy, I suck him off first and that takes the edge off, so when it comes time to put it in my cunt, he's not so excited!!!” “Wow, good plan,” Holly replied, “and of course you don't mind taking a mouthful of cum either, right!?!” “You know I don't,” Jenna replied softly, “I just love sucking cock, I guess I'm just addicted to it!!!” “And what about this,” Holly asked softly while lifting up her skirt to reveal her bare shaved pussy to Jenna's surprised eyes, “are you a little bit addicted to Holly's fat little pussy too!?!”

With her eyes bulging out and her hand automatically caressing her big breasts, Jenna gasped softly and asked thickly, “Didn't you wear panties to school today!?!” “Nope,” Holly said with a giggle, “it was fresh air time at Fallon High, except for lunchtime that is!!!” “W-what happened at lunch time,” Jenna said with a moan while staring at Holly's incredibly puffy lipped vagina!?!” “Oh, nothing much,” Holly said casually, “except for the fact that old lady Winters sucked me off in her home room!!!” “Y-you're kidding,” Jenna moaned louder, “she actually put her mouth on your pussy!?!” “Of course she did, you silly girl,” Holly replied softly, “and do you know what I did to her!?!” “Tell me,” Jenna croaked, “p-please tell me!!!” “Can I ask you one question first,” Holly replied casually!?! “W-what do you want to know,” Jenna gasped!?! “Oh nothing much,” Holly replied, “I just wondered if you knew that old lady Winters had a ten inch strap on dildo she sometimes uses on me!?!” “Y-you mean she fucks you, too,” Jenna fairly shrieked!?! “Of course she does,” Holly replied softly, “does that turn you on, I mean thinking about Miss Winters mounting me like a dog and fucking me from the back, does that really turn you on, Jen!?!”

Jenna's eyes had now glazed over, and while Holly continued to regale her with the crude details of her tryst with Miss Winters, until it finally became to much for her as she practically dove across the bed and buried her face into Holly's drooling little pussy!!! “Take it easy girl,” Holly chuckled as her over sexed friend had at her plump little pussy, “there's plenty for everyone, so just relax!!!” There was about as much chance of that as an ice cube surviving the surface of the sun, and in a only a matter of minutes Jenna's expert tongue had driven Holly to the very brink of a truly stunning climax, and then as she rolled her eyes upward while staring directly into Holly's eyes, Jenna's tongue literally exploded all over the her erect little clit, driving the now shaking Holly right over the edge and into Climax City!!! “G-good grief,” Holly groaned loudly, “you do that so well, you wouldn't even know that it was your first time!!!” Both girls broke out giggling at that little joke, but but by now Jenna was in need of some serious satisfaction, so when she flopped over on her back with her legs spread wide, Holly knew that turn about was fair play!!!

Holly quickly collected her senses, but before she partook of Jenna's blonde haired muffy she casually remarked, “Mmmmmmmm, that was really nice, hon, I really needed it, especially after watching you model those bras, that really got me going, thanks a lot!!!” “You're welcome,” Jenna replied in a shaky voice, “now it's my turn!!!” “Your turn for what,” Holly asked innocently?!! “You know what,” Jenna replied in exasperation, “now get to it!!!” Holly casually stood up and smoothed her skirt before commenting, “Well, I guess I better get home for dinner, so I'll seeya tomorrow morning, right!?!” “Y-you can't leave me like this,” Jenna moaned while buring her fingers into her burning quim, “I'm fucking on fire, you just gotta help me!!!” Holly stopped up short before opening the door and leaving before softly replying, “You have to tell me exactly what you want me to do, I wanna hear you say it!!!”

Jenna's perfectly formed ass was now squirming uncontrollably all over the bed, but in a thick tongued voice she managed to stammer, “P-please, Holly, suck my pussy for me, put your tongue on my clit and lick me!!!” “Do you really think I should,” Holly asked doubtfully, “after all, you're going steady with Jeff, what would he think if he new you were begging me to suck you off!?!” “Jesus fucking christ, he'd probably shoot his load just hearing me telling him about it,” Jenna snapped, “now get your mouth down her and eat my fucking cunt!!!” “Wellllll, if you really think I should, I guess it's all right,” Holly said while trying to suppress her giggles, “wow, you're really wet, you must be turned on to the max!!!” “Thanks to you,” Jenna gasped, “now eat!!!” After giving Jenna a quick wink of the eye, Holly gently pressed her mouth into the neatly trimmed blonde crotch and let her tongue snake out to caress the poor girl's distended clit!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” Jenna sighed loudly, “mmmmmmm, do me girl, make me cum in your fucking mouth!!!” “Now wait a minute,” Holly replied softly after pulling away from the smoking cunt, “if you had called it a sucking mouth, I'd have understood it, but a fucking mouth, no way, my mouth isn't capable of fucking your cunt!?!” Jenna was by now beside herself with desire, but this incessant talking and ranting was driving her crazy, so in a show of utter desperation, her hands snapped out and grabbed Holly by the hair, forcing the mouthy cunt's face back into her love nest!!!

Still giggling to herself, Holly finally got down to serious business as her tongue went into overdrive on Jenna's needy little clitty, and in less than a minute, Jenna's back arched while she cupped both of her huge breasts in her hands as an express train like orgasm rumbled through her pussy, leaving her quivering like a leaf as her pussy spasmed and convulsed in a post orgasmic euphoria!!! “W-why do you always tease me like that,” Jenna puffed between breaths, “you know how it drives me crazy!?!” “Of course I do,” Holly replied sweetly while running her hand over Jenna's taut tummy, “it wouldn't be any fun if I didn't have you climbing the walls now would it!?!” “I guess not,” a finally calmed down Jenna replied, “but next time take it easy, okay!?!” “Oh sure,” Holly replied with a giggle, “you can trust me, I promise next time I'll be a perfect little angel,” and then as an after thought added, “well, at least I'll be perfect!!!”, sexmoives.vip.

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