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Heather smiled at John as she knew he had seen her panties again, John reversed out of the packing space and drove out through the car park and asked Heather for directions so she told him to turn right so he did, as they drove Heather gave more directions to her house and soon they arrived at her house my asian girlfriend.

“you have perfect tits Heather i love playing with them, Heather just moaned with pleasure as John whispered in her ear again” i bet you are getting a wet pussy too aren’t you Heather” Heather just nodded a little so john moved a hand down to her pussy and began to rub it while he played with one for her tits he could feel her getting wetter so he asked if she would take her panties off she nodded yes so he put both hands under her dress and started to slip them off he got her to lift up so he could remove them Heather lifted her bum up so he could slide them off he slid them down her legs till they got to her ankles and then he slipped them right off her and lifted them up and sniffed them before putting them in his other pocket Heather sat back down on Johns lap without her panties, John slipped his hand up her dress to her pussy as he put his other hand back onto one of her breasts he gently started to rub her pussy as he continued to play with her tits, John decided it was time to fuck this little hottie so he stopped touching Heather which made her groan from the loss of pleasure John asked her to lift up for a minute so she stood up a bit while he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, it was a nice nine inches and she was going to take the lot in her little pussy before the movie was finished John told heather to sit down again as she started to sit down on Johns lap he lifted the back of her dress as she sat down he lined his cock up with her slit and moved it around to get it wet and she sat down she felt his cock start to enter her pussy she groaned again at the feeling and slowly slid down more until it hit her cherry John felt the obstruction and asked her if she wanted to do this and she nodded so John grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock he felt her hymen break as he did so she squealed a little but muffled the sound with her hand as his cock slipped deeper into her Heather sat down as all 9 inches slipped deep into her pussy John lifted her up and started to thrust in and out slowly at first till she got used to feeling him inside her then he started to fuck her a bit faster till he was fucking her hard and fast she was muffling her moans as he fucked her tight cunt, He kept fucking her till almost the end of the movie then he filled her with cum and slipped her panties back on to keep his cum from dripping out of her well fucked pussy he gave her bra back to her just as the credits started rolling she slipped her bra back on and then put her dress straps back on her shoulders as the light came up to let them see their way out as they walked out John stopped her away from the others and told her he enjoyed fucking her and was honoured to be the one to pop her cherry, Heather was very happy she got to have sex with such a handsome man and stretched up to give him a kiss on the cheek and they walked out of the mall a few feet apart so not to arouse suspicion when they both reached the outside John asked Heather if she wanted a lift home which she great fully accepted so they walked over to his car and he opened the door on his Yukon XL and the auto step lowered so she could step on it to get into his car as she stepped up the wind blew her dress up and he was able to see her yellow panties and her tight little ass made his cock hard again he closed the door behind her and walked around to his door and got in
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I waited in the parking lot for him to arrive, Once inside he told me to go to the backdeck and have a seat around the pool so I went outside and sat dipping my legs in the pool after about 2 minutes he came outside completely naked holding 2 towels, he asked me to come help him with the door so that he could grab the snack he had prepared for us, as i grabbed the towels from him he picked me up and through me into the pool when i surfaced i didn't no what was going on, suddenly i felt my shorts/boxers disappear from my body I looked down to see him swimming away with my stuff, I chased after him and caught up to him, he pulled me close and kissed me, he explored eachothers bodies with our hands, eventually he found his way to my ass, and parted my cheeks, he gently used his index finger and put it in, going in and out slowly working my hole

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I face the front, so aroused by everything in front of me, more than I could ever dream of, Click here. Standing just a little over six feet tall, very fit, dark hair and amazing smile

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