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Soon we were in the living room beers , vodka , wine and Andrea was channel hopping to find something to watch, a soft core porn was on and she stopped , sat down and looked at the tv, just then she started to cry, i went over to ask her what was up, she told me that she hasnt had sex since the time she moved in , i found this hard to belive because she was good looking and had lovely body,i sat beside her and give her a cuddle to my surprise she turned to me and said that some times she plays with her self when she can hear me and Jane making love , she has even peeked in when we are doing it ,there i was i couldnt move or she would see the tent in my jeans , she looked at me and slowly kissed my lips, do i pull away or do i kiss her back, so a felt her hand moving up my leg and found my hard-on, quicker than i could stop her she had pulled my zip down letting it spring free , her smooth hands were now rubbing my cock and then i felt her warm mouth around the head on my cock , taking it all the way in and down her throat , Jane never did like giving me blow jobs but the way Andrea was doing it i knew her mouth had been down before , she stopped stood up and said as i had seen her naked out side the bathroom it was my turn to be naked infront of her , was i drunk or dreamimg , i stood up and took off my shirt , slipped off my jeans , standing there in my boxers she looked and said they also , naked 9 inchs of hard on and i was infront of my sister-in-law, as she looked me up and down stopping at my cock she said she had been wanting to do it with me since she met me the first time, i took this a go ahea and walk over to her lifting her top up to show off her breasts , as i dropped to my knees i began to suck and feel them ,they were they same as Janes just firmer , as i pulled down her mini skirt and thong the smell of her pussy was to good to resist and slipped a finger then two the three in and out , as my tounge found her wet clit i licked , sucked and even playful bite her hips pushed into my face as i felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, i got up carried her to the sofa ,laided her down and placed my cock at the entrance to her soaking pussy, it slipped in soon it was all the way in and out every time my cock was all the way in her back would arch and squeeze my cock, soon my balls were filling up and told her that i was coming she said she wanted to swallow every bit , i pulled out and her mouth was around my cock sucking all her love juices of before i shot four or five hot loads of come into her mouth, we went to get showered and she came into my bed and slept the night , i woke up with the worst hang over and laid there thinking was it a dream, looked down and i was nakeded but no sign of Andrea, so guessed it was a dream ,just then Andrea came into the bedroom naked with a cuppa and a sandwich as i laided there eatting my sandwich and drinking my cuppa Andrea was giving me a morning blow job , it wasnt a dream [Total Lesbian] Wolf. The Upset Sister-in-law,
One cold winter morning was to be like no other in my life, as i got out of bed my wife still fast asleep it was only 5am and work started at 6am, off to work i went but about 10am my sister-in-law ( Andrea ) called my mobile crying asking me if i could pick her up , but as i was stuck at work i had to say no, later when i had finished work i got in and could hear my wife Jane talking to Andrea , there she was sitting in the living room with a black eye and bruises to her face , her boyfriend soon to be her ex had came home drunk slapped her about and kick her out ,Jane asked if it would be ok to let her stay till she found somewhere else to live , as money was tight i said yes but just as long as she pays her bit to the house, as i work most mornings and Jane worked most nights in a bar till closing time it was normally just me and Andrea , soon she was moved in and took the bedroom next door to mine and the wifes , some times when i was getting up for work i could hear her crying a bit but as it was early i didn't knock on her door, soon a few weeks past like most days work for me , home then work for the wife we kissed and got anytime together we could , if i could hear Andrea cry im sure she could hear Janes moans during sex , but hey its my house so if she dont like it she could move out ,most nights Andrea and me had some tea and then watched tv , then i went off to bed before the wife came home , about the march time Jane asked if it would be ok for her to go to a friends hen night in scotland for the weekend ,as i had been on a few stag nights i couldnt say no , i got finished work one day early and as the wife and Andrea were out shopping i went home , i got home and just as i passed the bathroom Andrea came out with a tiny towel around her waist and nothing on top, i bumped right into her and sent her flying , as i went to help her up the towel had dropped to the floor and she was lying there naked as the day she was born, like her sister she had big boobs but hers were much firmer as she was 5 years younger , even on her back they didnt lose shape, she had a slimmer waist which showed off her stunning figure ,then just as i helped her up i noticed that her pussy was smooth , both red faced i said sorry didnt even know you were in as i handed her a towel trying not to look at her body as she covered it up, both embarrassed we went other ways , till this point i had not even though off Andrea like that, but judging by the ever growing hard-on in my pants i knew i liked what i had seen , later that night over dinner , tAndrea was to shy to look at me , Jane asked what was up , after about 10 mins Andrea finally told her what had happened outside the shower room , i dont know if it was a look of anger or laughter on Janes face as she turned to ask me why i didnt tell her, i said how do i tell you i seen your sister naked ? but she just looked at how red i was and even red Andrea was and just burst out laughing , that night in bed Jane kept asking if i had liked what i had seen , after about 20 mins of nagging i said yes but her's was better , soon her hen night came around and she kissed me goodbye and said Andrea look after him and make sure he eats , so there we were all day friday , saturday and sunday , friday went past but told andrea i was going out for few beeers on saturday and i would be home about 11 that night , half way through the night i bumped into Andrea in a bar with her mates , she said if i was out she wasnt going to stay in , we agreed to meet in last bar to save money on 2 taxis , in the last bar my mates said they were going clubbing but as i said i wont as i was getting taxi with my sis in law they just laughed and said even she has to under lock and key , soon Andrea turned up and i didnt notice before but she had a tiny tight mini skirt on and punk vest top the skirt just covered her firm round bum, and the vest top was tight and i couldnt make out a bra , soon we were in the taxi and i sat in front but Andrea sat behind the driver, chatting away to her i turned to ask her if she had her keys on her as she could open up as i paid the driver , but as turning around i could see right up her mini skirt and could make out a white colour knickers , i dont know if she seen me looking or if i was a bump in te road but her legs opened a bit wider , transfixed on her pusy area i could feel my cock getting hard at looking at her , soon we were home and as she jumped out i tried to sort out my full 9 inchs from bursting out my pants , inside i looked up but still wanted more beer , i could not see where Andrea had went to but soon found her bent over arse in the air looking in the fridge , i sat down at the table making sure i had the best view of her arse , from hear i could see half her arse cheeks and most the white thong i had seen before , my hard on returned , trying no to make it obvious i went over to get some beers and asked if she want one , she looked and winked ,mmm i will have one a big one , shocked i stood there , she grabbed the vodka and coke and poured herself a half pint of vodka , she asked if i wanted my beer or a vodka , vodka it was , same size
All Internal - In the Motel Cute Girl Aoba Itou Along With Kids Husband is Clitoris Happy Not I Can't Describe It 1

Cock Suckers All Internal – In the Motel Cute Girl Aoba Itou Along With Kids Husband is Clitoris Happy Not I Can’t Describe It

It almost pained me to watch her beautiful body leave, but it was a pleasure to watch her gorgeous ass go, You will want to make love to me right now, not caring about the surroundings

All Internal - In the Motel Cute Girl Aoba Itou Along With Kids Husband is Clitoris Happy Not I Can't Describe It 2

Amatoriale All Internal – In the Motel Cute Girl Aoba Itou Along With Kids Husband is Clitoris Happy Not I Can’t Describe It People Having Sex

I put my hinge part of my jaw smack on the middle of her bra, I felt like this was so natural that I hadn’t even notice when I had unbuckled her, but I remember so well when I picked her off the seat and carried her on to the back of the van and put her back with her legs on my shoulders

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