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No, they had to be the light, misty flaxen blue of the linen flower in spring [She Is November]. The staff had no idea why they were there, but Marcus knew
21 Sextury - [Full Hd 1080p] Dani Grey doing Handjob with Kenneth Play is very Happy Like Catching Gold At The Kitchen 1

Class 21 Sextury – [Full Hd 1080p] Dani Grey doing Handjob with Kenneth Play is very Happy Like Catching Gold At The Kitchen

One afternoon she arrived as usual to do her jobs for daddy before going home for tea, unusually this afternoon daddy wasn’t in his office so she went in and began stacking files and tidying up,
She was bent over lifting up the waste paper bin when a 20something year old squaddie strolled in he got a flash of her white frilly knickers as she was bent over and instantly was hard overcome with lust he quietly snuck up behind her and grabbed her with his hand going over her mouth to stop her screaming he pulled her by the hair telling her to shut the fuck up or he would really give her something to scream about he let go of her mouth still holding her by the hair and dragged her across the room and shoved her down into her daddys office chair issuing threats to her to stay silent and this would all be over quick he unzipped his combat trousers letting his hard cock spring out right into her face she turned away crying gently trying to cover her face so he grabbed her hair again and forced her to face his throbbing member he slapped her hard with his cock splashing pre cum onto her cheeks 4 or 5 times then driven by excitement he tried to force his cock into her tightly closed mouth giving her a sharp tug of her hair he told her to open up and he shoved his cock as deep as he could into her mouth making her gag and retch he thrust 7 or 8 times deeply down her throat making her vomit down her whit shirt he carried on thrusting til he emptied his load down her throat groaning as he facefucked her hard shooting spunk into her mouth then he kissed her cheek and said thank u sweetie slipped his still dripping cock away and walked out of his supiriours office she hugged herself into the chair feeling sick and violated and waited for her daddy to return when he walked in the office not more than 5mins later she flung herself into his arms sobbing telling him about the violation she had just been forced into hugging her daddy close she while he soothed and stroked her pretty brown hair raining kisses onto her fore head she felt something digging into her from her daddys trousers
He just couldn’t help himself so turned on by his beautiful daughter feeling her soft skin under his lips he got aroused knowing how wrong it was he began to get angry with her for making him feel this way he began to call her a little slut shocked she tried to push away from her daddy but he pulled her tight against him rubbing his cock on her shocked and shamed she began to beg please daddy don’t hurt me this is bad this simply made him furious and he ripped off her shirt foring the shoulder of her dress down revealing her small pert breasts she had been told by her mummy she was still to young to wear a bra he roughly grabbed the making them sore all the time telling her what a dirty little bitch she was and now he would teach her not to tease men pinching her nipples he lowered his head and took one of her tiny nipples in his mouth licking and sucking at first then biting down hard making her cry out full of rage he threw her over his desk and ripped aside her panties holding her down with one hand her roughly began to put his fingers into her tight pussy unable to control her body she began to get wet daddy noticed and soothed oooh good girl mmm is that nice do u like daddy touching u baby? Scared and confused she simply lay face down and cried please daddy it does feel nice but we are not allowed to do this only u and mummy can do this oooh baby girl I see u have been watching us yes? He pulled her skirt up and tugged her pant down to her knees and slapped her arse hard over and over til it was sore and she was sobbing telling her she was dirty and deserved to be treated like the dirty slut she was he pulled out his huge cock and rubbed it round first the entrance to her tight little pussy then round her even tighter dry arse hole
He pushed against her ass telling her daddy will teach u baby don’t worry this will probably hurt he slowly forced his cock int her ass dry she let out a scream and he slapped her face saying shut it u whore ur gonna take all of this he got it half way into her ass the pulled it out then he pushed it deep with one thrust right to the hilt into her pussy splitting her hymen making her bleed she sobbed but her daddy carried on thrusting deep getting faster and faster he pulled it out and spat on her hole then plunged it straight into her ass wet from her pussy and his spit it easily slipped in this time but it still made her scream getting her a few more slaps he pumped into her ass hard and fast he gripped her throat lifting her body to him so he could thrust harder he pulled out letting her drop tearfully to the desk the he turned her over and fucked her pusyy again gripping her neck making her turm blue choking and splutting she begged him to stop then he pulled it out of her battered pussy and made her kneel in front of him lining her mouth up with his cock holding her hair he told her 2 lick all her dirty juices off of him she lapped at his cock tasting herself on him then he shoved his cock deep into her mouth not caring as she choked and gagged making her puke down herself some more he fucked her face feeling her throat tighten as she gagged til he was about to cum then he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face it went in her eyes and dripped down onto her tits gasping as he finished he dropped his sobbing daughter to the floor and walked out of the room leaving her abused body crying on the floor a few minutes later smelling of cigarettes he came back in and picked her up confused but comforted she cuddled against him he carried her to the bath room and put her into a warm bath soothing her being the kind daddy she knew he was https://sexmoives.vip/38494/.

21 Sextury - [Full Hd 1080p] Dani Grey doing Handjob with Kenneth Play is very Happy Like Catching Gold At The Kitchen 2

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It was so quiet, and Ben had been at work, so I got Jon’s dick out and filled my mouth, sexmoives.vip. Do you do everything that everyone tells you?” “I obey only him

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